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Electrical Equipment

At Electrical equipment for buildings, we have the best mechanical and Electrical equipment for buildings, we offer power tools, machines, and equipment to help with the repair and development of Electrical and mechanical systems in buildings. Our selection of mechanical and Electrical equipment makes it uncomplicated to find an enticing tool for the job at hand.

Uno R3 V3.0 Mega

Project For Arduino Kit 328

By Unbranded



FT232RL Board FTDI USB 2.0

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Test Tester Tools

Anderson SB50 Connector Products Electrical

By Anderson Power Products


Electric Equipment

This electric equipment mounting base is sensational for an excavator, it is fabricated of durable materials to ensure long life for your machine. The base gives a variety of options to tailor different machines, making it straightforward to find the equipment you need, the base is also to find a valuable fit for your machine. Looking for some used Electrical equipment to detect and avoid this ghost hunting specific Electrical tool peerless for you! The emf meter magnetic field detector is produced to the wd-40 specialist Electrical contact cleaner spray is an electric equipment supply store-brand that specializes in cleaning up contact points on electronic equipment, this is a tool for enthusiasts who work with or touch their equipment often! Our Electrical equipment supply store grants a high temperature tube soft silicone tube food grade flexible hose for applications such as hot and cold electric vehicles, and fault tolerant systems. Our hose is fabricated from a10-ft lot of flexible silicone, and is flexible and strong enough to handle the most demanding applications.