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Bubble Tea Equipment

This is a high-quality Bubble Tea equipment for sale that comes with an 500 watts of power, it extends a red color, a tall construction, and is manufactured of plastic. It imparts a water tank and a coffee grinder, it is that 500 w Bubble Tea equipment is will provide you with a good amount of pleasure.

110V Electric Manual Bubble Tea Cup Drink Sealer Sealing Machine 500 Cups/Hr US

Boba Tea Equipment

This Tea equipment comes with an 8 l fructose dispenser, which can be used to fill Tea cups with fructose, the Tea equipment also offers an iced-out drink machine, which can measure the fructose in Tea cups. This boba equipment is all about making Tea high in fructose quantitatively, with this boba Tea equipment, you can make high-fructose Tea high in quantitative value. The machine comes with an electric Bubble bath and sugar balloon shooter, our Bubble Tea equipment is manufactured with high quality materials that will make your Tea making experience better. This machine comes with an automatic fructose dispenser that makes it facile to make your Tea without having to be constantly checking the machine, additionally, we offer an 8-inch automatic fructose dispenser for easily adding or removing fructose from your tea. The vevor electric semi-automatic Bubble Tea cup sealer is a high-quality and efficient cup sealer that can help keep your cups clean and free of bacteria, this software-based cup sealer also includes a timer and automatic shut off, so you can keep your cups clean and effective for longer periods of time.